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#SNESMusicContest Winners!

Posted by JohnMontoya - October 17th, 2020

Hey there!

Thank you so much for tuning into our livestream today! My sincerest apologies for the technical difficulties, it was my first stream ever. :D

1ST PLACE: @mdfrankaudio - Kremlings' Game Show of Doom

2ND PLACE: @KungFuFurby - Super Fantastic Journey

3RD PLACE: @Michael-Flaherty - Windy Town


@Rainbowdragoneyes - Pining Forest

@CzySzy - SNES Battle Theme

@ConnorGrail - Streetlight, Sunlight

@KrikIDDQD - Syntheslav - Space Deathmatch '91 (SPC Mix)

@FunkyKarl - The Wonders of the Emerald Woods

Runner-ups will receive 1-year of honorary supporter status on Newgrounds!

Here is a playlist of all of the entries.

Thank you so much for participating! It was very difficult trying to pick a winner because the competition was fierce. Seriously, you blew us all away. Let me know what kind of contest you'd like to see from me next! I'll make sure to feature special guest judges again!

Mathew "tssf" Valente was gracious enough to leave feedback for every entry. I will be DMing everyone who entered their feedback starting on Monday. I appreciate your patience as it's a decent amount of people!

JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER - I'm going to host more contests in the future. I'm also starting on my new podcast series that explores indie game development. I look forward to seeing you there!

SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER - We're only 5 people away from the $25 Steam gift card giveaway!

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - I just reached over 1,000 followers, thank you so much! I'm going to tweet more quality content soon. :D

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Congrats to the winners! gotta say those top ones really did nail it. But I guess Im a double supporter now, so thats great news B)

I originally wanted to offer stuff like games and whatnot but the pandemic killed my finances. I really appreciate your participation, it really means the world to me. Here's to the next one!

@ConnorGrail @JohnMontoya well hey just putting the contest together at all is much appreciated and Im sure I speak for many. It's nice to have a prompt to keep the brain busy once in a while!

Time to start working on the next contest then. :D

The contest was pretty fun to follow! I'm more of a VGM consumer so I really enjoyed the theme for this one :)

Thanks for tuning it! :D I really appreciate you!

Just reminding you that I was one of the runner ups and I didn't receive my award yet. :(

Oh snap! @tomfulp

@CzySzy I’ll DM Tom. I am so sorry about that! Thank you for bringing this up!